Give Back


Ways to GIVE BACK to Chesapeake children by supporting the Chesapeake Youth Foundation

  1. Advocacy- Tell our local leadership that children are a priority in Chesapeake.  Encourage our business and community leaders to make decisions that support the needs of our children and families.  Become a Chesapeake Youth Foundation Board Member. Our business and community’s future depends on the success of our children.
  2. Monetary donations- Your tax deductible donation to The Chesapeake Youth Foundation (501c3) directly supports programs for Chesapeake children and families. See where your money goes.
  3. Position your company publicly behind Chesapeake children by donating goods and services such as: printing, gift certificates, t-shirts, raffle items, etc.
  4. Sponsor a Chesapeake child and family focused event or program such as:

Chesapeake’s Kids

CASA Super Hero 5K

Mayor’s Youth Day

Parents In Need (PIN)

Chesapeake Family Night


Parent & Childcare Training


Contact us to find out more.  Thank you for supporting Chesapeake children and families.